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Charming Underclothes
Cast Member
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Sherman Burris

Geek Life
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Carol Cowles

Geek Life
Fan Guest
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James Fulbright

President / Con Chair
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Tera Fulbright

ConGregate Productions, Inc
Director of Guests & Programming
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Jason Gilbert

Literary Guest
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John G. Hartness

Falstaff Books
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Michelle Iannantuono

Octopunk Media
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Chris A. Jackson

Literary Guest
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Nickie Jamison

Literary Guest
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Mark MacDicken

Flabbergast the Wizard
Performing Artist
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Alex Matsuo

Literary Guest
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Kat Milby

Side Quest Cosplay
Costuming Guest
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Gary Mitchel

Fan Guest
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Bill Mulligan

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Chris Oakley

Oakley's Used Books
Fan Guest
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Frank Parker

Nefarious Ferrets
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Matthew Penick

Ribbons & Rivets
Costuming Guest
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Laird Popkin

Kaplan, Inc
Chief Enterprise Architect
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Maya Preisler

Geek Life
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Leann Rettell

Literary Guest
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Lynnia Ruby

Charming Underclothes
Cast Member
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Nat Ryan

OkWookiee Cosplay
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Rich Sigfrit

Fan Guest
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Wes Smith

Nerd-type person

Bob Stokes

Only that which I keep
Retired (and LOVING it!)
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Ruth Suehle

Red Hat
Director, Community Outreach, Open Source Program Office