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James Fulbright

ConGregate Productions
Con Chair/President
James Fulbright was introduced to AD&D by a friend in 1979. After joining his first gaming group, his friends convinced him to start attending conventions like StellarCon and Hexacon. It wasn’t long before attending cons led him to start helping out with those cons; which, in turn, led to running StellarCon (which he did for far too long). Over the years, James has also helped out with RavenCon, was on the founding board of ConCarolinas and worked VIP Registration at DragonCon.

In 2013, he, and a small group of other fans, started their own con, ConGregate; and in 2017, James chaired DeepSouthCon 55.

In addition to running cons, James has also been known to put together a costume or two, and blog on various aspects of organizing cons.