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Nat Ryan

OkWookiee Cosplay
Charlotte, North Carolina
Dubbed "Miss Hot Glued Hot Mess 2018", Nat Ryan has been costuming for the past 9 years, specializing in custom patterning, body painting, special effects, con crunch costuming tactics, cosplay marketing and extreme (and I mean extreme) costume budgeting. When she isn't donning a blazer and pumps battling the 9-6 as a digital designer, you can find her either deep in a pile of fabric, on her fourth glass of wine in a flower crown, or alone in a dark room with her PS4 and a XL bag of hot fries. Recently diagnosed with Lyme disease in early 2018, her current goal is helping other con-goers with chronic disorders and "spoonies" feel comfortable, safe and supported on the con floor and in our nerd subculture.