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Bill Mulligan

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Bill Mulligan is a high school science teacher with a love for horror films, comic books and special effects who had the good fortune to find kindred spirits in Sanford, North Carolina. 13 years, 5 feature films, nearly 2 dozen short films and a whole bunch of podcasts and convention panels later, he is an active part of the North Carolina indie film scene as a writer, special effects guru, actor, cinematographer, heck, he'll hold the microphone or man the craft service table if you ask him. His screenplay for the hopefully upcoming BLOOD OF THE DRAGON recently won best original screenplay at the Carolina Screenwriting Showcase. He has been fortunate enough to work with some of the best folks in the North Carolina filmmaking scene, in such films as KNOB GOBLINS, 400 WAYS TO KILL A VAMPIRE, BELLADONNA, CACHE ME IF YOU CAN, A FEW BRAINS MORE: SUMMER OF BLOOD and the upcoming BLOOD OF THE MUMMY.