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Chris A. Jackson

Literary Guest
Sailing the seven seas
As a professional sailor, writer, scientist, and life-long gamer, writing nautical and RPG tie-in fantasy came naturally for Chris. His Scimitar Seas novels from Dragon Moon Press have won multiple gold medals from Foreword Reviews Magazine, and his Pathfinder Tales novels, Pirate's Honor, Pirate's Promise, and Pirate's Prophecy from Paizo Publishing have received high praise. Aside from his pirate stories, Chris' magical assassin, Weapon of Flesh series has become a Kindle bestseller, culminating in 2017 with the sixth novel, Weapon of Mercy. He's also branched into the Horror genre with his novella The Deep Gate, an Arkham Horror tie-in story from Fantasy Flight Games. The Deep Gate represents two firsts in Chris A. Jackson's writing career: it is his first contemporary sea story, and his first work of horror. His newest endeavors include a paranormal science-fantasy series, the Dragons of Boston, to begin with Dragon Dreams from Falstaff Books in spring of 2019, and his newest self-published series Blood Sea Tales, which launched in 2018 with The Pirate's Scourge.

His recent short works include "Dia de Los Muertos," in the Drawing Destiny Shadowrun anthology, "First Command," in the Women in Practical Armor anthology from Evil Girlfriend Media, and a series of short stories for the Legendary Planets Adventure Path by Legendary Games, for Pathfinder, Starfinder, and D&D5e play. He has written many short stories for Mongoose Publishing's Traveller RPG to be published in their Pirates of Drinax adventures.

Lastly, he has published the Cheese Runners Trilogy of satire-science fiction novellas available in digital, paper, and Audible versions.

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