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Janet Iannantuono is a convention runner, Star Wars collector, and all-around fan. As a child in 1977, Star Wars combined her interests of mythology, science fiction, fantasy, and the adventure stories of Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Forty years later, her Star Wars collection is big enough to take up an entire room, and her fandom has grown beyond a galaxy far, far away. Over the years, she's adopted the fandoms of Doctor Who, Farscape, Marvel, Stargate, Star Trek, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and anything with kaiju fighting. Her favorite authors include Heinlein, Asimov, McCaffery, Donaldson, Brooks, and of course many of the Star Wars authors like Timothy Zahn. For the last twenty years, she's been an active participant in the fan community by volunteering at and running conventions. She spent four years as the Assistant Director of Star Wars Programming at DragonCon, worked in the LucasFilm Pavilion at San Diego ComicCon, and as a Hall Manager, part of Lucasfilm’s “Elite Squad” at the six previous Star Wars Celebrations, Founding Board Member and staffer for ConCarolinas, and has spent five years running her own convention in Charleston called AtomaCon. Janet is a graphic designer and avid crafter. She has use these skills to develop logos, badge and program book artwork, design costumes for her daughter Michelle, and design Geek inspired pieces from recycled items (water bottle Daleks, air freshener Cthulhu, steampunk journals and hats)