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Michael D. Pederson

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Michael D. Pederson is the publisher/editor/graphic designer responsible for Nth Degree. Mike began his career as a writer/publisher in 1988 when his SF short story, “Dust Storm,” won first place in a local writing contest. In the 1990s, he wrote and published the Raven comic book series (with artist R. Craig Enslin) and edited and published Scene, a Virginia-based entertainment magazine. In 2001, Mike was part of the “Best in Class – Master Division” winning presentation (Pre-Emptive Strike) at the Millennium Philcon Masquerade. Two months later he started Nth Degree. In 2007, he wrote a chapter on “Writing for Magazines” for Dragon Moon Press’ Writing Fantasy: The Author’s Grimoire. In addition to Nth Degree, in 2006 Mike (along with Tee Morris and Tony Ruggiero) came up with the crazy idea of hosting a science-fiction convention in Richmond, Virginia. After its tenth year, RavenCon moved to Williamsburg and Mike is still the con chair. Starting in 2018, RavenCon expanded to two events a year. Other than RavenCon, Mike has also run programming for Trinoc*coN, been Fan Guest of Honor for ConCarolinas and Mysticon, co-chaired a successful NASFiC bid, and served as Master of Ceremonies for MarsCon. Between Nth Degree and his many convention appearances, Mike has become the East Coast’s go-to guy for interviews. He’s interviewed guests for Balticon, ConCarolinas, ConGregate, MarsCon, Mysticon, RavenCon, and StellarCon. In the last few years Mike has interviewed a wide range of writers, gamers, artists, and actors.. In 2017, Mike was honored with the Rebel Award for his contributions to Southern Fandom. Yes, Mike is an insanely busy person; if you see him at a convention please feed him lots of caffeine and/or beer. When not engaged in geekish pursuits, Mike is an under-employed graphic designer and lives in Richmond, Virginia.